These are the colleges receiving the last $198 million in coronavirus emergency relief

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Last week, the U.S. Department of Education said it was sending the final $198 million of coronavirus emergency relief funding to over 200 colleges. But a list of those colleges wasn’t immediately available.

Officials have now provided that list, which we’ve made searchable below. It’s a small sliver of the $76 billion allocated through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, or HEERF, but it’s still useful to see where this particular portion of money is going. The Ed Department has said it’s largely earmarked for institutions that have unmet needs, like community colleges, rural institutions, and colleges that have lost enrollment during the pandemic.

Some institutions appear more than once on the list. That’s because they could apply for and receive funds for multiple uses, according to an Ed Department spokesperson.

The funding is generally broken down into money that must be spent on students or that can be spent on other institutional priorities. But some colleges receiving the funding didn’t get money for one of those categories this round. They won’t have entries listed in the corresponding column below.

Breakdown of $198 million in new HEERF funding, by college

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