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New Powered by QuickSight program helps AWS partners embed interactive analytics in applications to enable data-driven experiences | Amazon Web Services – News Opener

Applications today generate enormous amounts of data. This provides an incredible opportunity for independent software vendors (ISV) to deliver business intelligence (BI) offerings as a part of their application, providing visuals, dashboards, and self-service capabilities to customers. These insights are crucial for data-driven decision-making for end-users of these apps, especially if surfaced in the moments that matter and in formats that are easily understood.

Amazon QuickSight provides the keys for ISVs in the software as a service (SaaS) space to unlock the potential of your data by offering the technology to deliver out-of-the-box analytics, driving stickier experiences for customers that lead to higher revenues. To support our partners further, we are excited to announce the Powered by QuickSight program, which includes technical build, go-to-market (GTM), and sales support for ISVs to embed and monetize their data.

About the Powered by QuickSight program

Building upon the Powered by Amazon Redshift program announced in July 2022, the Powered by QuickSight program extends the available benefits and funding to partners using more of the AWS Data and Analytics stack to include Amazon’s BI offering QuickSight. ISVs can embed the powerful analytics and BI capabilities of QuickSight, such as visuals, dashboards, natural language querying, and authoring insights, into applications to enable data-driven experiences for millions of users, joining customers such as the NFL, 3M, Bolt, Tealium, and Extensiv, whose apps are powered by QuickSight.

The benefits available from the Powered by QuickSight program include:

  • Private strategy and development support – Connect with AWS industry experts in one-on-one sessions focused on a customized evaluation of revenue-generating offerings. Analyze your offering relevance by industry, location, and size.
  • Rapid proof of concept – Take advantage of QuickSight product managers, solution architects, specialists, and AWS Data Labs to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) for your selected use case. Where appropriate, AWS will lead a Data-Driven Everything (D2E) workshop to quickly identify proofs of concept for priority use cases.
  • Product technical assistance – Have access to product engineering, architecture, specialists, and support teams for integration, product development, best practices, roadmaps, and post-sales support.
  • Joint Powered by QuickSight launch package – Take advantage of joint PR, AWS website listing, and featured blog posts and social media. You also have access to a joint webinar deck, solution brief, case study, landing page, and social media banners.

Additional benefits:

  • Listed internally as a qualified partner to engage with field teams in respective regions
  • Annual planning session to identify AWS Marketplace solutions to be listed
  • Annual funding for AWS Partner Marketing funds to support development of lead generation or thought leadership highlighting your solution (incremental to existing Marketing Development Funds)

“AWS has been a natural home for builders, with the widest range of services available to support applications across use cases. We see an increasing trend of builders needing more powerful analytical capabilities within their applications,” says Tracy Daugherty, General Manager of Amazon QuickSight.

“With QuickSight, we have a powerful set of analytics capabilities that are easy to embed in applications. The Powered by QuickSight program combines these capabilities with training, enablement, and go-to-market support activities to help developers and ISVs provide differentiated data-driven experiences that scale to all of their users.”

ISVs that are registered with the AWS Partner Network (APN) and interested in joining the program can complete the registration form for an exploratory session to deep dive into their data monetization strategy.

To get started, register now. Once registered, a member of the AWS team will contact you with next steps.

About QuickSight

With QuickSight, ISVs can easily embed interactive visuals and dashboards, natural language querying (NLQ), or the complete BI-authoring experience seamlessly in your applications, enabling end-users to gain insights right when and where they matter. Additionally, QuickSight capabilities such as custom branded email reports and advanced machine learning (ML) capabilities (such as forecasting and anomaly detection) enable you to differentiate your applications and enhance your end-user experience, without the heavy lifting involved in building such capabilities from scratch.

Application users can now dive deep into data insights without leaving their application, with interactive dashboards that offer drill-down, interactive filtering, and export options. Embedded visuals and dashboards are refreshed automatically when the data is updated, with options of direct query to data sources such as (but not limited to) Amazon Redshift or Snowflake, or fast performance with the QuickSight SPICE in-memory data store. You can now quickly bring value to your applications by using the Powered by QuickSight program, creating data-driven experiences for users, and using joint GTM channels to grow their business.

The following screenshots are just a few examples of the interactive dashboards you can create with QuickSight.

New Powered by QuickSight program helps AWS partners embed interactive analytics in applications to enable data-driven experiences | Amazon Web Services - News Opener New Powered by QuickSight program helps AWS partners embed interactive analytics in applications to enable data-driven experiences | Amazon Web Services - News Opener

Success stories from ISV partners in the program

ISV partners in the Powered by QuickSight program have the following to say.


“Amazon QuickSight enabled us to delight our customers by replacing a non-interactive native dashboard with an engaging QuickSight embedded dashboard. We quickly scaled to 4,600 daily viewers with strong engagement and extremely positive feedback. Our user sentiment score went from 14% on the old dashboard to 83% on the QuickSight dashboard, over the same period,” says Brian Sevy, Senior Product Manager at Extensiv.

“Extensiv has seen great value in the technical support provided through the Powered by QuickSight program. We look forward to leveraging the GTM benefits offered in the Powered by QuickSight program as we as we continue to expand our solution offerings.”


“Visibility and transparency are critical to solving modern supply chain challenges. Convoy collects over 1,000 data points on every shipment; however, the complexity of this data can be difficult to curate and present in a way that freight shippers can act on,” says Dorothy Li, CTO of Convoy.

“QuickSight allowed our team to build an interactive shipment and facility insights dashboard in weeks to visualize more than 40 key data points—all on demand and in real time. This has helped us strengthen our partnership with shippers by giving them visibility into opportunities that save both time and costs.”


“Companies struggle with trying to organize and visualize their HR data in meaningful ways. Trakstar equips HR leaders who now have a ‘seat at the table’ with board-ready reporting and expertly designed people analytics dashboards embedded directly into the product experience that help guide future business decisions. By partnering with AWS and leveraging QuickSight, we can focus on what HR leaders need next and trust QuickSight to deliver interactive, ML-driven visualizations with high performance at scale,” says Brian Kasen, Dir. Business Intelligence at Trakstar.

“Trakstar is excited to be Powered by QuickSight and empower business and HR leaders with state-of-the-art capabilities to make smarter decisions to attract, retain, and engage their workforce.”


“At ConexEd, we strive to make students successful by providing tools and accessibility to school staff. School administrators usually struggle to get meaningful data that help them make informed decisions to further support students. To close this gap, we had to invest more than half of our development team’s time to create initial reports and keep building on these as we launch new features instead of focusing on building critical features for the business,” says Michael Gorham, co-founder and CTO of ConexEd.

“Now with embedded dashboards powered by QuickSight, not only can ConexEd’s development team focus all its energies on creating competitive features, but also the reporting and data visualization are now features our customers can control and customize. QuickSight features such as drill-down filtering, predictive forecasting, and aggregation insights have given us the competitive edge that our customers expect from a modern, cloud-based solution.”


“Embedding Amazon QuickSight dashboards into our applications was a no-brainer to meet our goal. With QuickSight, we are able to build data rich dashboards easily and embed these in our applications quickly. Different personas from the same enterprise get insights that matter to them, cutting out any noise,” says Tyler Warden, SVP of Product and Engineering at Syniti.

“Partnering with QuickSight has made it easy for us to bring rich insights to our enterprise customers and help us grow.”

Next steps

To learn more about the Powered by QuickSight program, visit QuickSight. If you’re interested in learning more about how your company can use QuickSight, you can meet us in person at a Powered by QuickSight roadshow at one of four locations: New York on September 7, Chicago on September 13, San Francisco on September 15 , and London on October 4.

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New Powered by QuickSight program helps AWS partners embed interactive analytics in applications to enable data-driven experiences | Amazon Web Services - News OpenerRich Russell is the global Head for QuickSight GTM at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and senior global sales and partner leader with extensive experience in establishing and building revenue generating Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies through sales, strategic partnerships, ISVs and global alliance programs. Specializing in helping companies drive growth through leveraging sales and partners while focusing on what’s most important, the customer. Rich resides in Utah, with his wife and 5 boys where they love to spend time in the great outdoors.

New Powered by QuickSight program helps AWS partners embed interactive analytics in applications to enable data-driven experiences | Amazon Web Services - News OpenerKareem Syed-Mohammed is a Product Manager at Amazon QuickSight. He focuses on embedded analytics, APIs, and developer experience. Prior to QuickSight he has been with AWS Marketplace and Amazon retail as a PM. Kareem started his career as a developer and then PM for call center technologies, Local Expert and Ads for Expedia. He worked as a consultant with McKinsey and Company for a short while.

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