‘We need to have transparency’: Anthony Albanese reveals details of inquiry into Scott Morrison’s secret ministries

An independent inquiry will be held into Scott Morrison’s , Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced.
“We need to have a quick and appropriate inquiry which is not about the politics but about how this happened, why it happened, who knew about it,” Mr Albanese said on Friday.

“We need to have transparency in the process because our system of parliamentary democracy relies upon conventions, relies upon the Westminster system of checks and balances.”

The prime minister said the inquiry will be led by former High Court justice Virginia Bell who will deliver her report to the government by 25 November.
It was revealed last week that to the health, finance, industry, energy and resources, treasury and home affairs ministerial portfolios in 2020 and 2021.
Mr Albanese released advice on Tuesday from the Commonwealth solicitor-general
The advice provided to the government related to Mr Morrison’s control over the Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Portfolio (DISER) – where he used his powers to veto a controversial gas proposal.

“The fact that the parliament, the public and the other ministers who thereafter administered DISER concurrently with Mr Morrison were not informed of Mr Morrison’s appointment was inconsistent with the conventions and practices that form an essential part of the system of responsible government,” Stephen Donaghue, QC, wrote.

In a statement released on Facebook following the release of the advice, Mr Morrison defended his actions as necessary due to the “serious crises” facing Australia at the time.
“I note that the solicitor-general found that the appointments were ‘valid’ and that ‘while there is some historical precedent for the publication in the Gazette of appointments to administer particular departments of State under s 64, there is no consistent practice in that regard’,” he wrote.
“In hindsight, some of these decisions will be reflected upon now and lessons learned. The Solicitor General has noted a number of these points from his perspective in his advice and I am sure this will help guide any changes in these areas.”

More to come.

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