Scott Morrison at speech from controversial author Jordan Peterson, who has angered LGBTIQ+ advocates

Members of the LGBTIQ+ community are criticising the appearance of controversial media identity Jordan Peterson at Parliament House this week.
The Canadian addressed a number of politicians from the Nationals including Senator Bridget McKenzie and posed for a happy snap with former prime minister Scott Morrison.
His presentation tackled cheap energy and environmental protection plus other issues including freedom of speech.
The clinical psychologist became known for delivering courses on personality types, but has since built a following for his ‘anti-woke’ conservative views and among young men for whom he offers ‘no-nonsense’ advice.
And historically, Dr Peterson has sparked controversy over his beliefs about the use of pronouns in the LGBTIQ+ community.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a front row seat while other politicians attended his wide-ranging talk on Thursday.

The media commentator has previously spoken out against a 2017 amendment to Canadian law which he said ‘compelled’ people to use preferred pronouns for members of the LGBTIQ+ community.
“A person is compelled under Canadian law to use the pronoun of another individual’s choice on pain of law, ” he said in a 2018 video interview with London radio station LBC.
“And I thought, ‘well no’, that’s not acceptable.”
In a recent Twitter post on the eve of the Victorian state election, he told Australians to ‘beware’ of the language used in an online education policy around gender transition.
He cautioned about the definition of students as ‘mature minors,’ in relation to Victorian schools considering if gender identity can be affirmed without parental consent or when an agreement cannot be reached.
One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson tweeted her agreement.
“I sincerely hope other politicians and leaders in this place take your advice,” she wrote.

“Much of what you said I have been arguing in favour of for decades.”

Trans woman Sally Goldner is concerned about Dr Peterson but it’s unclear whether he raised the use of pronouns at Parliament.
“The views that Jordan expresses when they are boiled down are destructive and harmful and that is the real issue,” she said.
She said pronouns are important because they are a sign of respect and she is worried about his take on their use.
Some people prefer gender-neutral pronouns such as they/them depending on their personal identity.

“When you don’t use someone’s pronouns in use or their name in use and you effectively out them without consent or there is no consent for starters – it could create stress and anxiety,” Ms Goldner said.

Trans woman Sally Goldner is a member of the LGBTIQ+ community. Source: Supplied

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan, who invited Dr Peterson to speak at Parliament House, wrote on social media that the psychologist encouraged those in the room to hold up “the nuclear family as the ideal.”

“It was kind of him to spend time at our Parliament House during a busy book tour,” Mr Canavan wrote on Twitter.

Dr Peterson is promoting his latest book titled ’12 More Rules for Life’.
But Ms Goldner warned he is potentially putting the trans community at risk.

“I think there’s a frustration that someone like that quite frankly would even get coverage,” she said.

The media personality has openly said he’s also not a fan of political correctness and he has explored ‘woke morality’ in a podcast.

Critics on social media are questioning why he was at Parliament.

Senator Hanson praised the chance to have honest dialogues about difficult subjects.

She welcomed his presentation which also covered the education system.

Jordan Peterson sits in a chair looking serious in a suit jacket.

Jordan Peterson is known as the self-styled professor against political correctness. Source: Getty / Chris Williamson

It’s not the first time the media personality has shared his thoughts on the systems of other countries.

“The idea that the US is somehow systemically racist in its essence is an accusation that is really troublesome to me,” he commented in one episode of his podcast on men and conservatism.
“I do not just think that it’s merely a lie, it’s an anti-truth,” he said.
Dr Peterson recently had his Twitter account reinstated by the platform’s new owner, Elon Musk.
He was suspended from the site in June after a tweet about trans actor Elliot Page, who prefers the pronouns he/they.
Many other previously banned users with unorthodox views have also reappeared such as Andrew Tate and Donald Trump.

Dr Peterson has 3.5 million followers on Twitter.

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