‘Chubby’, ‘unmarried’: An article has been written from the perspective of the prime minister’s dog … again

It’s been just over three weeks since Prime Minister Anthony Albanese took office and already Toto Albanese has been anthropomorphised by a number of humans.
While fan accounts narrate the escapades of the prime minister and Australia’s “First Dog” Toto on Twitter, the editor-at-large of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, Matthew Benns, has penned an opinion piece from the perspective of the female cavoodle, titled: ‘Inside the new prime ministership (as told by Australia’s First Dog Toto Albanese)’.

The article has caused a stir online with the opinion piece taking digs at Mr Albanese, including one on his marital status, stating that he is “only the second unmarried” leader to take the top job, so it will be up to Toto to keep him from becoming lonely.


“As only the second unmarried Prime Minister in the nation’s history, it will be me to whom he turns on those long lonely nights of worry about some international crisis or other,” the senior journalist wrote as Toto.
“Of course he does have his girlfriend Jodie Haydon, lovely woman, but she has her own life to lead and make no mistake it will be me who will shoulder the burden of support.”
The opinion piece also makes reference to sleepovers with Mr Albanese’s partner and recalls “hard times” including the “chubby pre-makeover years of divorce”.
“I know she comes over for sleepovers and for some reason I get kicked off the bed and the bedroom door is closed but that in no way relegates my importance in his life,” Mr Benns, as Toto, writes.

“I was there through the hard times, the chubby pre-makeover years of divorce, faction fighting and the Labor wilderness. It is me, Toto, who knows the real Albo.”

A man stands with a dog running in the background on grass.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese with his pet cavoodle after emerging from isolation on 29 April 2022. Credit: Twitter/@AlboMP

Former Labor prime minister Julia Gillard’s unmarried status was also the subject of much discussion during her rise to prominence and prime ministership.

The first unmarried prime minister was asked by some media outlets when she and her then-partner might wed.
The column also took aim at former prime minister Scott Morrison, suggesting that he had left a mess before leaving office and suggested Mr Albanese might do the same.
“I realised that my job in taking over as First Dog from Buddy was not that different from my Anthony taking over from ScoMo. Buddy had also left half hidden piles of sh** everywhere for me to discover and clean up.

“…It is early days but I wonder what I will be asked to bury over the next three years?”

The op-ed has furrowed some eyebrows, with comments directly under the article and on social media calling out the bizarre take.
“Of what I saw I thought it was very disrespectful to Anthony’s partner Jodi,” one person said on social media.
“It’s demeaning and not in the slightest bit ‘cute,'” said another on Twitter.
This is not the first time The Daily Telegraph has published an opinion piece from the perspective of the prime minister’s dog.
Last July, the same journalist and editor penned the op-ed ‘Scott Morrison’s dog Buddy reveals life in lockdown with the PM has been ‘ruff’’.
The opinion piece focused on the former prime minister’s response to the 2019 – 2020 bushfires and the COVID-19 vaccine response.

It didn’t contain personal references to Mr Morrison.

“Last year I tried to tell [Mr Morrison] to buy more Pfizer and he took me to the vet for a sneezing fit,” Mr Benns wrote as Buddy.
“Someone says they have a big important job running the country and then you are locked down with them and you realise just how much time they spend making cups of tea, playing sudoku and watching Cronulla Sharks highlights on YouTube.”
The story also made references to messes at Kirribilli House.
“In fairness, I take full responsibility for the messes on the veranda, ” Mr Benns wrote as Buddy.
“When Scott comes home I go out of my way to remind him just who is the top dog here in the Morrison household.

“I don’t hold a hose Jen,” he snapped.

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