6 Amazing Places in the US for a Student’s Summer Vacation

Summertime signals a period of improvements for many people. You don’t have to be a Tarot reader to envision good things coming your way. The spring semester is over, you are done with your essays and assignments, and you can get a well deserved change of scenery. However, to maximize your experience, you have to get ready for your vacation beforehand.

It is a good idea to travel impulsively sometimes. On the other hand, considering the season, you might want to get all reservations and sweet deals during your studies period. Not the most pleasant step in your journey planning, but you get the best sports at the end of the day.

Here is the list of the most amazing destinations you might want to include in your student’s summer vacation bucket list. Whatever it is you choose, don’t forget to relax and put all your projects on hold for some time.

Jacksonville, Florida

You have to start somewhere, and Jacksonville is a perfect introduction to the holiday season. As a student, you know what makes a good introduction and how important it is to begin your vacation on the right note. Jacksonville is famous for its Riverside Arts Market and local crafts on sale every Saturday. Here, you can support small businesses, artists, and craftsmen of Jacksonville.

Among other attractions there are the museums, fabulous restaurants, and other spots affordable for any student. Local Amelia Island, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Atlantic Beach are also a must visit.

6 Amazing Places in the US for a Student’s Summer Vacation

Charleston, South Carolina

This Southern port city has everything to offer, from art and entertainment to architecture and hidden treasures you must see. If you love green and walk-friendly towns, you will appreciate parks and recreation zones as well as walking and biking spots.

Arthur Revenel Jr. Bridge, Kiawah Island, and Francis Marion Forest are among many areas you need to visit before moving to your next destination. Of course, summer days are designed to get closer to the water, so you need to check out beaches and sunbathing spots, too.

Charleston is famous for its weekly family-friendly concerts that happen at Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island in Freshfield Village. You also have an opportunity to visit Charleston Carifest Caribbean Carnival and other festivals that capture the essence of the local culture.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is the second-largest city in the state with quite a few things to offer you. Horseback riding, museums, gardens, biking in beautiful parks, and many other activities will make your vacation memorable. In 45 minutes drive south of Tucson, you will find the majestic Madera Canyon. In the Northeast, there’s Sabino Canyon, also worth visiting and having a picnic with your friends.

While being in Tucson, don’t forget to check Gaslight Theater and Old Tucson for a better understanding of what Hollywood in the Desert looks like. In general, it is heaven on earth for those who are not afraid of hot weather and the desert.

Death Valley, California

You haven’t experienced adventure if you haven’t been to Death Valley. And if you read Dante’s Divine Comedy Summary, you might even feel compelled to argue that a place with such a name has nothing to do with despair. It is a perfect place to restore your energy and find inspiration to do great things in the upcoming semester.

One of the most astonishing things to do in Death Valley is stargazing at night, so you should plan to camp there to get a chance to see the night sky. Or you might ask for a guided tour so as not to miss anything at the park.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is one of the most highly regarded destinations in the US. It has everything, 40 miles of national seashore, entertainment, and sports to make your summer vacation unforgettable. You can also find a lot of affordable deals for students in this period.

Sandwich Glass Museum, Heritage Museum & Gardens, and Cape Cod Museum of Art are among the things you don’t want to miss in Cape Cod. At the same time, it is not just a seaside pearl of the country, since it has a rich history you might want to learn while staying there.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Another place for people who want to learn something during their summer break. Of course, you might not want to think even for a second while your job is somewhere there and your studies are over. But visiting cities like Williamsburg can stimulate you to get to know the foundation on which the country was built. In Williamsburg, you get to know about Thomas Jefferson and other prominent 18th century figures.

Here, you also get to taste authentic cuisine and visit Museum Cafe. Even if you’re not a big fan of this historical period, it’s still quite an experience.

Wrapping Up

Summer vacation can be anything you want it to be. Some like to spend it at home with family, others love to learn more about history, while some just throw their phone away and stay at the beach till the sunset. Regardless of your choice, you need to restore your energy to keep up with your studies and other responsibilities.

Don’t forget about sunscreen and stay hydrated!

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