4 Details That Define The Style Of Your Kitchen

When we often think about our dream kitchen, our minds often lead to a bigger picture rather than focusing on the details. When you actually interact and get personal with the kitchen, the most important details come into our attention. These details might seem very small but they have the ability to not only accentuate but also make your day to day work efficient and easy. 

These details come together to make your kitchen aesthetically and functionally beautiful. Here are smart kitchen details that you should consider while remodeling or building your kitchen:

1. Cabinet Lighting & Handles

Under the cabinet areas are not thought about while designing the kitchen. These lights are not limited to just illuminating your kitchen while you prep your food. They also create an ambiance of therapeutic cooking when you are alone or with someone you love. They are also useful when you don’t need the entire kitchen lit up in the middle of the night snacks. Puck lightning is a good way to flaunt that pretty china, if you have got glass doors. 

To further add detail to your cabinets, pay attention to your handles. According to Forbeslife, adding brass knobs enhances the look of the cabinets. Different styles of handles be it bow, knob, cup, or bar are used according to whether you want a vintage or modern style of your kitchen. Make sure to check the style, placement, accessibility needs and the right material for the handles. After all we dont want your hands hurting while opening them

2. Beverage Stations

We are all familiar with the one cabinet stacked with loads and loads of bottles of beverages or our poor refrigerator stuffed to keep them cold. Whether you like coffee, juice or other cold beverages, adding a little station or cocktail bar to your kitchen is a great touch. This place will also take care of your glasses used for different drinks. With all your beverage prep things in one place, you can get up and make your drink on autopilot. It is a great edition of parties where you can set up a self serve as well. In case you have children coming to the party, it’s easier to keep them away from all the beverages as well. If you always have a glass in your hand, this is what you absolutely need.

3. Statement Sinks

A kitchen isn’t a kitchen without a sink then why not make it a style statement about you in the kitchen. E-granites to Quartz sinks come in a wide variety of colors, patterns etc. This makes it very easy to choose one that would fit right in with your kitchen. Selecting a sink that will not only help your back from all that bending but also add that luxurious style as well. If you have more than one person cooking in your kitchen at the same time, consider buying an ergonomic sink as well. Also people who cook alot or have home based businesses should consider getting two sinks, one for utensils and other for washing things.

4. Faucets

Faucets are usually thought of as something that gives us water and that’s it. But in the recent 5 years designers have actively started adopting them as design pieces. Golden brass faucets, faucets with matt finish or simple steel faucets, each one of them speaks for itself and adds character to your kitchen. We would recommend going for a bold looking faucet when the rest of your kitchen is minimalistic. Options such as pull down, single hand or pull out faucet completely depends upon your use and comfort. Nowadays the options have increased to commercial style to touchless faucets around the kitchen world. 

Planning kitchen remodel is one of the most exciting parts of a home renovation. No matter what your style you want or vibe you would like your kitchen to carry, there is something out there for something. You just have to pay attention to the details and find the products. We would like to know more about some of the unusual details you have added to your kitchen.

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