Twitter reacts to the Miami Heat’s 2020-21 ‘Vice’ City Edition jerseys

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The Miami Heat revealed their “Vice Versa” jerseys on Wednesday, writing the look is “fit for the future.” The Vice City Edition jerseys are blue and pink ombre and black accents.

Take a look at the bright look:

Here is a closer look:

The Heat teased the jerseys on Tuesday night, tweeting out “VICE in its final format.”

The team’s website explains the meaning behind the jersey, saying, “In 2017, VICE was born: a trip back through time to the Miami of 1988.”

They added, “A tribute, honoring its past through the prism of our future. A uniform, coded as a composite of those that came before it. A design, engineered to deceive your eye—and the opposition’s. So as we envision the Miami of a not-so-distant tomorrow, let’s reflect on the legacy of its 80s era alter ego—and the latest look it’s inspired.”

The jerseys will be available Wednesday at midnight, according to the team.

While many fans loved the new look, of course, there were still jokes being made.

Here are some of the best reactions to the reveal:

Playoff hero Tyler Herro tweeted that it was a beautiful day in Miami following the reveal.

A lot of people had yogurt jokes.

An inside look at the design process:

The Heat said, “Why don’t we take every leak and put it all in one jersey.”

Why not both!

Overall, the jerseys were met with a lot of love.

They might even be recruiting more Heat fans.

The Heat are to the NBA what the Chargers are to the NFL.

People were also a big fan of the court design.


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