Samson: Meyers Leonard apology tour isn’t enough and what is wrong with the Heat’s announcement

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Meyers Leonard was the Miami Heat player who was suspended by the league for one week over the use of an anti-Semitic slur while playing a video game. David Samson broke down what Leonard has done since the incident and the Heat’s statement after trading him to the Oklahoma City Thunder on his podcast, “Nothing Personal with David Samson.”

“Meyers Leonard who is not waived by the Heat…Meyers Leonard’s who is not admonished by the Heat other than a statement…Meyers Leonard who has been injured and out for the year has now been traded by the Miami Heat,” Samson describes him.

The Heat released a statement with no name attached to it, something Samson pointed out. After reading the statement, which mentions Leonard’s contributions to last year’s bubble run, the podcast host breaks down what was wrong with the words they chose.

Samson said:

“The Miami Heat had the chance to do what’s right and they choose to go the wrong direction and I am furious about it. And the reason I’m furious, is I want a list. I’m tired of people who can get away with misogyny or racism by going on an apology tour and I’m tired of being the person who is a part of that, who sends people on apology tours. They had the chance to make a difference here and they start with how important Leonard was on their championship run?”

He adds, “You can put that in the statement, fine. You don’t lead with that.”

Samson also wants specifics on what Leonard is doing, rather than vague mentions of him educating himself.

“If we’re gonna change in our society we can’t make it so all you have to do is say, ‘Yeah I had a few meetings with a few people … and let me move on with my life,'” Samson points out.

He also points out that learning the history of something does not necessarily make someone act or think differently and it’s about doing more than just reading up on a topic.

Looking ahead, Samson says, “What happens next to Meyers Leonard? He disappears, that’s what happens. He’s not gonna get another job in the NBA because he’s not good enough.”

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