Patrick Beverley ejected from Clippers’ victory against Suns with elbow to Chris Paul

Patrick Beverley has a reputation as one of the NBA’s dirtier players. He has been involved in several notorious moments and is no stranger to the flagrant foul. Sure enough, he got himself into trouble yet again on Thursday while his Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Phoenix Suns 113-103. 

It started on a missed Clippers shot. The Suns had a chance to get out on the fast break, but Beverley attempted to prevent that by leaning into Suns point guard Chris Paul and giving him an elbow. The officials were having none of it. They called Beverley for a flagrant-2 foul and ejected him from the game. 

Ironically, Beverley was due to leave the game shortly anyway. He was on a 20-minute limit and had already played 17. Beverley wasn’t the only Clipper to be ejected in the fourth quarter, either. Marcus Morris was kicked out of the game later, and strangely enough, his brother Markieff Morris, playing in Miami for the Los Angeles Lakers, was also ejected on Thursday. In another bit of irony, Beverley was knocked out for fouling a player he was once traded for. Beverley got to the Clippers as part of the 2017 deal that sent Paul to the Houston Rockets

Ultimately, nothing particularly harmful came of the play. Paul was fine and the Clippers wound up winning the game. But officials know Beverley’s reputation. When a player has as many dangerous moments on his résumé as Beverley does, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt from officials. Paul could have been hurt on this one, and the officials acted to punish Beverley as a result.

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