NBA Sneaker King Power Rankings: Yeezy QNTM lifts Andre Iguodala; inside look at P.J. Tucker’s shoe locker

Colorways, colorways and more colorways. The theme for this week is versatility because it’s hard for you to make the cut if you didn’t bring out your best colorways and your most exclusive kicks. Some big names who made our last Sneaker King Power Rankings, like LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, fell out of the top 10 this time around because the competition was very stiff.

With that being said, let’s start scrolling to check out the best sneakers on the hardwood this past week.

Jrue Holiday remains beyond underrated on the court. The dude will lock down your best player and he’ll do it with some fresh kicks on his feet. Holiday makes the cut this week with a very clean player exclusive colorway of the Nike Kobe 4. The Kobe 4 remains one of the most popular hooping shoes among NBA players, it’s hard to have a single game pass by without someone rocking a pair.

Jrue Holiday in a Nike Kobe 4 player exclusive colorway.

Imagine being a 20-year-old with unlimited access to whatever Jordan Brand sneakers you want. Well, what you’re picturing is living the life of young phenom Zion Williamson. Zion can’t buy a beer yet, but his sneaker closet is overflowing with everything Jordan has to offer. On the court, he makes the cut by bouncing between the Jordan 34 (above) and the Jordan 35 (below). All super clean and exclusive colorways for Zion.

Zion Williamson jumping between two of the latest models from Jordan Brand.

If in 2021 you still think Kawhi Leonard doesn’t have a personality, then you haven’t looked down at his kicks enough. Leonard has absolutely let his true colors show by the kicks he’s lacing up on the court. His team over at New Balance has made sure he has a new colorway of his signature KAWHI model to show off every night. If he keeps this pace up, he’ll be hard to knock off this top 10 on any given week.

Kawhi Leonard showing off the colorways on his signature New Balance KAWHI model.

Next time Zach LaVine spends half an hour in the air for one of his gravity-defying dunks take a brief moment to check out what kicks he has on his feet. LaVine is an Adidas athlete who loves to switch things up; in the past few weeks you can see him in three different models from the Three Stripes. 

Zach LaVine is making sure to lace up every shoe Adidas sends his way.

Stephen Curry’s line with Under Armour has never really received the credit it deserves over the years. Yes, it’s produced some meme-worthy opportunities (Curry 2 low-top dad shoe) but the majority of what the line has produced has been quality basketball shoes. Now on the Curry 8, Under Armour is making sure Steph is laced up with some heat every night during a season where the Warriors need him to stay hot at all times.

Stephen Curry in his signature Under Armour Curry 8.

If you’re ever wondering what the latest Nike has to offer when it comes to the Kobe Bryant signature line, just take a moment to check out whatever DeMar DeRozan is wearing during a game. There’s a good chance you’ll see a pair of Kobe sneakers you’ve never seen before. The biggest highlights from DeRozan this week are a pair of Kobe 5 PEs (above) and the Kobe 6 Protro ‘Black History Month’ (bottom right). Insane amount of heat coming out of San Antonio.

DeMar DeRozan flexing with the Nike Kobe line like he always does.

Andre Iguodala is a sneaker free agent. What does that mean? He can wear whatever he wants, no matter the brand, on the court. And over the past week he’s decided to show off his veteran pull with two colorways of the Adidas QNTM basketball sneaker. The old vet broke out the YZY QNTM BSKTBL and the YZT QNTM BSKTBL ‘Frozen Blue’ all in the span of a couple of days.

Andre Iguodala showing off some pull with the Adidas QNTM.

Jerami Grant loves to hoop in retro Jordan sneakers. Every time you take a look at his kicks while he’s playing it almost gives off a late ’90s vibe. He’s so high on the list this week because the retro J’s he laced up are truly classics. Grant broke out the Jordan 13 ‘Flint,’ which is pretty much a must-buy for any sneakerhead every time they release. Then he laced up the Jordan 9 ‘University Blue,’ a silhouette (not colorway) that released when Michael Jordan was out of basketball during his first retirement back in 1993.

Jerami Grant showing off old school Jordan vibes this week.

Anthony Davis isn’t shy about flexing his sneaker reach now that he’s in Los Angeles. Davis started building this momentum last season but has come out of the gates strong in his second year on the West Coast. His push toward the top of the Sneaker King Power Rankings this week was fueled by his extensive Nike Kobe line collection. Below you’ll see a small part of the evolution of the Kobe line with models 4-6 in crispy colorways. A big flex from A.D., no doubt about it.

Anthony Davis in three different models from the Nike Kobe line.

1. P.J. Tucker

At this point P.J. Tucker needs to open his own sneaker museum to showcase and tell the stories of all the super exclusive kicks he wears on the court. And you better believe that each one of these shoes has a story. Tucker is driven by his passion for sneakers and loves the journey of finding and acquiring rare shoes. But does he have enough kicks to fill a museum? Let this sneak peek inside his locker give you a little insight. Tucker remains a level or two above the biggest sneakerheads in the NBA, and it’ll take a monumental upset to knock him off his No. 1 spot.

P.J. Tucker continues to prove why he’s the NBA’s Sneaker King.


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