Klay Thompson fires back at Glen Davis for calling Warriors guard’s injuries ‘Karma’

Retired big man Glen “Big Baby” Davis has inserted himself into one of the stranger NBA feuds of this season, which includes injured Warriors star Klay Thompson and Detroit Pistons role player Rodney McGruder. Davis said he believes the Golden State guard’s latest injury was a result of “karma.” Thompson, not one to take certain insults lightly, responded on his Instagram story.

For those unaware, this drama started when McGruder jawed at some Warriors players following a 118-91 loss. Thompson shot back, saying the Pistons player was probably just mad that he “might be out of the league soon” — Detroit’s Wayne Ellington and Golden State’s Draymond Green also got involved, but that’s neither here nor there with regards to this incident.

On an Instagram post detailing the initial beef, Davis replied in the comments with, “Saying s— like that , I see why he stay hurt . Karma ” and ended it with a facepalm emoji. Thompson suffered a torn ACL in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals that forced him to miss all of the following season. He suffered another major injury, this time a torn Achilles, just before what was supposed to be his comeback season during a pickup game.

The guard fired back on his IG story, after highlighting the comment, with, “Dang Big Baby this what we on now!? I can’t wait til I see you on the court next year I’m calling iso every time. Prolly get 40 in a qtr with big fella chasing me.”

It’s purely a hypothetical, but considering that Davis has been out of the league since 2015, and has since retired from the NBA, Thompson might be closer to right than wrong.


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