2020 NBA Draft order: Timberwolves to pick No. 1 after lottery sets official draft order for two rounds


The Minnesota Timberwolves won the 2020 NBA Draft lottery on Thursday night, securing the rights to the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft for just the second time in franchise history. They had a 14% chance of winning the league’s annual lottery, which was tied for the best odds with the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Warriors didn’t drop far, securing the No. 2 overall pick with Stephen Curry looking on as the team’s online lottery representative. Cleveland, however, fell to No. 5 — the second-lowest draft position it could have possibly been given. Rounding out this year’s top five is the Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls and the aforementioned Cavs.

The big statistical winners are the Bulls, whose odds of securing a top-four picks were just 32%, and the Hornets, whose odds of picking in the top three were only 19%. (The Bulls will pick No. 4 and the Hornets will pick at No. 3.) The biggest loser — and stop me if you’ve heard this one before! — is the New York Knicks. They had a 9.0% chance of winning the lottery and a 37% chance of securing a top-four pick, but fell all the way to No. 8.

Below is the updated draft order in full, post-lottery with the draft set for Friday, Oct. 16.

2020 NBA Draft order

First round

1 Minnesota
2 Golden State
3 Charlotte
4 Chicago
5 Cleveland
6 Atlanta
7 Detroit
8 New York
9 Washington
10 Phoenix
11 San Antonio
12 Sacramento
13 New Orleans
14 Boston from Memphis
15 Orlando
16 Portland
17 Minnesota from Brooklyn
18 Dallas
19 Brooklyn from Philadelphia
20 Miami
21 Philadelphia from Oklahoma City
22 Denver from Houston
23 Utah
24 Milwaukee from Indiana
25 Oklahoma City from Denver
26 Boston
27 New York from LA Clippers
28 Los Angeles Lakers
29 Toronto
30 Boston from Milwaukee

Second round

31 Dallas from Golden State
32 Charlotte from Cleveland
33 Minnesota
34 Philadelphia from Atlanta
35 Sacramento from Detroit
36 Philadelphia from New York
37 Washington from Chicago
38 New York from Charlotte
39 New Orleans from Washington
40 Memphis from Phoenix
41 San Antonio
42 New Orleans
43 Sacramento
44 Chicago from Memphis
45 Orlando
46 Portland
47 Boston from Brooklyn
48 Golden State from Dallas
49 Philadelphia
50 Atlanta from Miami
51 Golden State from Utah
52 Sacramento from Houston
53 Oklahoma City
54 Indiana
55 Brookly from Denver
56 Charlotte from Boston
57 LA Clippers
58 Philadelphia from Los Angeles Lakers
59 Toronto
60 New Orleans from Milwaukee


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