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‘Wonder Women of Latin Music’ Panelists Stress the Importance of Mentorship at LAMC

For the second year in a row, the 23rd annual LAMC is offering free registration for all panels, workshops and showcases. Check here for the full panel and concert schedule.

Below, the most memorable moments from the “Wonder Women of Latin Music” panel:

On climbing the corporate ladder 

Maria Fernández: “I was very lucky to have many opportunities and take advantage of them. Most of my career has been in entertainment and I got into the music business by chance. I decided it was a good moment to make a change after working for Disney and DirectTV and applied to this job at Sony and 30 minutes later I was contacted. Since, I’ve had amazing allies and really I owe this position to Afo Verde, he has always been very supportive of women and under his leadership we have seen change. Of course, hard work is also very important.”

What women bring to the table

Gabriela Martínez: “One of the characteristics the we have as women is empathy and it goes a long way because you’re able to connect with the needs of other people and try to find a middle ground. It all has to do with bringing in perspective and complementing what men can bring to that table.”

On the new generation

Alicia Arauzo: “Digital streaming platforms launched with female leadership and that changed the scenario. There’s still a lot of more male-oriented environments on the publishing side but it’s more female-oriented in the live, management and streaming platforms side. It’s about time and it’s because of a younger generation that is coming up. They are more open to diversity and hiring other women.”

Progress in Latin America

Sandra Jiménez: “We are in the process of seeing more women at the table but we have a lot of work to do. It’s interesting to see that all the digital streaming platforms have women in common. If you see there are a lot of powerful women working them. We need to change the other side of the music business. I have meetings where I am the only woman participating in and negotiating deals with publishers.”

On the importance of mentorship

Gabriela González: “You should always look toward the younger generation and identify that next person and help them get into a position. My mentor was Alexandra [Lioutikoff] who is now at Universal now but was at ASCAP when I started. She really helped me become the executive I am today. I definitely would like to mentor more people if the opportunity comes up.”

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