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‘Schoolhouse Rock’ Turns 50: Artists Share How It Educated Them About Music & the World

Nonetheless, Schoolhouse Rock — with its distinctive animation created by Phil Kimmelman and Associates and sweet, catchy songs penned by master songwriters like Bob Dorough and Lynn Ahrens — provided a healthy dose of quality “edutainment” for millions of American schoolchildren throughout the 1970s and early 1980s. Not only did the show help kids sharpen their skills in math, grammar and science, but it provided progressive lessons on civic and social topics that still resonate 50 years later, including immigration (“The Great American Melting Pot”), women’s rights (“Sufferin’ Through Suffrage”), social distancing, sorta (“Elbow Room”) and governmental checks and balances (“I’m Just A Bill,” “Three Ring Government”). Recently, the good folks at Southern Ohio Medical Center made a cute, informative lampoon of “I’m Just A Bill,” titled “Just A Vaccine.

To celebrate 50 years of Schoolhouse Rock (which continues to educate and entertain in 2021 thanks to Disney+), Billboard spoke with a wide cross-section of musicians to find out how Schoolhouse Rock informed their growth as songwriters and students.

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