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Mon Laferte On New Album ‘Seis’: ‘The Writing Process Was Solitary & Melancholic’

The achingly personal topics and vulnerable lyrics are paired with a new sound for Laferte: regional Mexican. Known for her raspy, often dramatic vocals and use of classic Latin rhythms such as cumbia, bolero and alt folk, the Latin Grammy-winning artist experiments with mariachi (“Que Se Sepa Nuestro Amor”), norteño (“Te Vi”) and corridos tumbados (No Lo Vi Venir”) in an homage to the genre’s unique and ever-evolving sonority. “I’m a huge fan of corridos tumbados,” she says. “I love that mixture of culture and the kids – because they are literally chavillos [young teens] – who are playing that music are still connected to their roots but also to the outside world. I think it’s a brave and purposeful genre.”

“Brave and purposeful” is also how Mexican star Gloria Trevi describes Laferte. “She is a well-rounded artist, honest and transparent,” Trevi tells Billboard. “She’s done stuff to move the needle and I admire that about her. She’s brave and doesn’t care what others think of her. In a way, I can see myself in her.” The pair sing together for the very first time on “La Mujer,” penned by Laferte a few years ago but rewritten for this new album.

Below, Laferte spoke with Billboard about Seis and what it represents, from Los Angeles where she’s currently doing promo for her new album.

You open the album with “Se Me Va a Quemar El Corazón,” where you’re vulnerable but gutsy at the same time. I’d say that’s the feeling across the entire album. Where did you draw the inspiration from? 

That’s actually the first song I wrote for this album. The entire writing process was very solitary, bleak and melancholic, because I was like everyone else, just filled with uncertainty about what was going to happen. So I clung onto my music and my guitar because I thought, if the world ends, I at least want people to know how I was feeling. I wanted to sing about personal experiences, past and future loves, the love I have for my mom and other women. It’s an album filled with honesty. During that time, I had nothing else to do but write and sing.

You’ve been living in Tepoztlán for two years now. What role did your surroundings play in the making of the album? 

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