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Miley Cyrus Snuggles Up With The Kid Laroi in Lo-Fi ‘Without You’ Remix Video

“So there I go, oh/ Can’t make a wife out of a ho, oh/ I’ll never find the words to say, I’m sorry/ But I’m scared to be alone,” Cyrus sings on the pre-chorus after LAROI laments saying all the wrong things and winding up alone. “You cut out a piecе of me, and now I bleed internally/ Left hеre without you/ Without you/ And it hurts for me to think about what life could possibly be like/
Without you/ Without you,” he sings in a heartbreak croon.

In a tweet describing the casual visual, Cyrus wrote, “LOVE this song as much as I loooooove my new friend! We made this video on a random week night! Hit the kid at 12 am he said ‘I’ll be there in an hour’ and he was. This is what we made!”

Miley had some fun with the release of the remix, asking fans to send the song to their exes and then share their responses with her. The replies were, well, pretty intense. One conversation had an ex saying they knew the song and they related to the lyrics, “because that’s how I treated you… it’s not good… I’m very sorry.”

“Oh well I’m glad you were able to say that now,” came the lyric-shadowing response, to which they wrote, “U welcome… I owe everything I ever did to you… But I can’t imagine life without you.” Others admitted that they sent the song to the only ex “that is still nice,” while another was grateful for the music, but was not having the apology and a fourth just said “ouch.” Quite a few ended with things perhaps way worse off than they started.

Watch the “Without You” video and see Miley’s ex tweets below.

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