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Makin’ Tracks: Gabby Barrett Uses a ‘Moon’ Shot to Propel Her Immediate Future

“I wish that I kind of had a song like this to listen to at the time when I was going through that stage,” says Barrett, recognizing “Footprints” as a song addressed to both her former self and her current fans.

Humans didn’t make it to the moon in a day, and Barrett didn’t arrive on a national stage overnight either. But every day, every step forward, along the way was crucial as she battled the negative internal voices that are part of everyone’s existence.

“It’s like a whole flashback for me,” says Barrett. “When you finally just find yourself at this low point of feeling like you want to give up, or you’ve been putting a lot into it and you’re just reflecting on yourself in the mirror, you’ve got to look at yourself, give yourself a pep talk, like, ‘No, you are able to do this, and you need to keep going and persevering.’ Of course, that’s something that I did when I was younger.”

“Footprints” is, appropriately, an example of perseverance. Songwriter Jon Nite (“Break Up in the End,” “Living”) brought up the title periodically during co-writing sessions for at least a year — more likely two or three — but it never quite connected with everyone in the room.

“It’s such an odd concept, but I think that every country boy who was sitting in the truck looking up and staring up at the stars and seeing the moon at night — I mean, it’s crazy to think that some human in 1969 walked on the moon,” he says. “If we can do that with the limited technology we had back in the ’60s and no microprocessors, I feel like we can kind of do anything.”

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