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Lorde Reveals the Musician She Wants to Collab With & Who Left Her Starstruck in ’73 Questions’: Watch

Lorde famously spends a lot of her time off social media and away from the public eye, making it harder for people to know more than basic trivia about her. But as of Tuesday (July 27), fans were treated to 73 facts about the 24-year-old, who’s gearing up for the Aug. 20 launch of her third album, Solar Power, thanks to an appearance on Vogue‘s “73 Questions” series.

Interviewer Joe Sabia started the 13-minute interview with in-depth questions about the pop star’s work, from what words she would use to describe each of her three albums (Pure Heroine = “Teen angst,” Melodrama = “Ecstasy” and Solar Power =“Reverence”) to what samples on Melodrama still make her smile (the tiger’s roar on “Sober” and Paul Simon’s quick appearance on “Hard Feelings/LOVELESS”). Lorde, who has a music-to-color sensory condition called synesthesia, also revealed which hues each of her three records are: green, violet and gold, respectively.

She then discussed the making of her “reverent” new album, describing the work process behind Solar Power as “calm,” and sharing that the unreleased music videos will “help to build the universe” of her new era. She divulged that “California” is the song on the album she’s most excited to dance to and noted that the album’s lead single/title track “Solar Power” won’t be the last on the album to feature cicada sounds.

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