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Lizzo Thanks Cardi B, Sings Ariana Grande & More: 5 Best Moments From Her Instagram Live Celebrating ‘Rumors’

She Thanked Cardi B

Lizzo greeted her fans by explaining that she had kept away from the internet for a few days in light of the onslaught of hurtful comments aimed at her following the arrival of “Rumors.” Her first release since 2019’s Cuz I Love You, the song and video featured a pregnant Cardi B, and the pair were met both with racism and fatphobia. Lizzo took a moment to  appreciate how successful the track has been and thank the “WAP” rapper for defending her so fiercely online. “Cardi B has my f—ing back, bro. If you ever need someone in your corner, call Cardi B.”

She revealed later in the video that her next album is still in progress, and that so far, Cardi is the only collaboration she’s secured. “The album is in process, I’m working on a lot of songs,” she explained. “I just want to make the best ones possible. I don’t have any other collabs outside of Cardi, because I want to finish the songs, make them great and then add to it to make them even greater.”

About That Harry Styles Collab …

The “Truth Hurts” singer then pulled out a gorgeous vegan cake decorated to look like her hand from the “Rumors” cover art, and started eating at it as she answered fan questions. One viewer asked about the possibility of a collaboration with Harry Styles by saying, “Bring us Harry,” and she clarified that even though the pair do “f— with each other,” they don’t have a song in the works. In fact, she found it a little annoying during the press cycle for “Rumors” when people steered the conversation toward the “Watermelon Sugar” singer.

“I’m talking 12 hour days, multiple days of interviews, talking to people excitedly, expressing my excitement for ‘Rumors,'” she explained. “Every single one of them, I s— you not: ‘So you and Harry doing a song? You and Harry doing a song?’ Ain’t no d— Harry song to tease!”

… or One With Dua Lipa?

One commenter asked Lizzo if she’d ever work with Dua Lipa, and guess what? She’s a fan. “I feel like we’ve only seen each other once at the Met Gala. Let me tell you, we was both tall,” Lizzo replied. “She is lit, I like her. I like her energy.”

Lizzo Is ARMY

Lizzo has revealed in the past that she’s part of the BTS Army, and she took a minute during the livestream to reaffirm her love for the “Butter” artists. She said she would see videos about the K-pop group on TikTok and send them to her sister, who was a fan before she was. The algorithm then assumed she was a fan, and through getting more and more BTS videos shown to her, she became a certified fan.

“I just really love BTS,” she said. “They’re on my FYP so much on TikTok now. The more I see them and their personalities — like, of course, the music is good — I get why ARMY is ARMY because their individual personalities, their style. They be dancing. You know Jimin is my favorite.”

She Belted Out Some Ariana Grande

So Lizzo didn’t talk about Ariana, but she did sing one of her songs. Earlier in the livestream, she had addressed the tearful video she’d posted a few days prior in which she expressed her sadness over the racism and fatphobia she faced. “I just wanted to get on Live because I felt like that was a s—-y way to start this ‘Rumors,’ this new era — like crying and s— on Live,” she said, referencing her earlier livestream. “To be honest with you, I’ve heard a lot of insults about me, but there was one specific insult I had never heard before and it hurt my Black soul. I just needed to vent.”

But at the end of her chat, she bid fans farewell with a cover of an extremely fitting Grande track: “No Tears Left to Cry.” She sang the hyper-optimistic lyrics with true Lizzo-style vibrato, before admitting, “Actually I do have some tears left to cry, b—-.”

Watch her video below:

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