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Kehlani Shares the Key to Having ‘Fun’ With Makeup & Her Go-To Product

As for the key to Kehlani’s effortless look? Lime Crime’s best-selling Freckle Pen, which easily allows users to “tap and dab” on some natural-looking freckles. “I oftentimes end up with makeup artists covering up my freckles,” she explains. “I do like coverage a lot for my acne and acne scars, but often, it erases my freckles and so my makeup artist just tends to replace the freckles I already have with the freckle pen.”

While makeup artistry seems to come easily to the “Can I” singer, she jokes that her beauty journey was a bit “forced.”

“I remember going to Sephora when I was about to go on my first tour and I was like, ‘Can somebody in here teach me how to do a basic face that I can do onstage every day? I will buy the things that it takes to recreate this for myself,'” she recalls. “It’s like any new thing. Once you get the hang of it, you’re able to explore more and find things.”

At the end of the day, makeup is all about “fun” for the star. “You wake up every single day and see the same face,” she shares. “You’re like, ‘How many new things can I do with this thing that I see every single day?’ It definitely aids to expression and depending on what mood you’re in or what you’re wearing, you can almost have a completely different vibe every day.”

“Everything is becoming a lot more fun again,” she adds. “I think quarantine really made me get a grip on recognizing what I missed out of life and what I wanted to pay attention to heading into this next cycle of life. I think I was just letting myself get a little too serious, and I’m just ready to have fun again. I think the whole world is in that place too.”

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