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Fukase From Japan’s End of the World Talks Philosophy Behind English-Language Album ‘Chameleon’

The band’s frontman and principal songwriter Fukase explains that the reason why Sekai No Owari needed a different persona to go global was that “the Japanese language has things that only it can express, and English has things that only it can express. I thought it would be best to separate the music I want to deliver in my native language and the music I want to try delivering in English.”

Sekai No Owari is one of Japan’s top acts, with a huge following in its home country and the Asian market. The four-member pop-rock band is known for its hybrid sound that goes far beyond the limits of conventional guitar rock, and has sold out stadiums with more than 70,000 seats in pre-pandemic times. The atypical set of members — vocalist Fukase, guitarist Nakajin, keyboardist Saori, and DJ Love, who always appears publicly wearing a clown mask — has released a string of mainstream hits including “RPG,” viewed over 180 million times on YouTube, and “Dragon Night,” an EDM-inspired track that became one of the defining trends of that year in Japan.

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