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First Out: New Music From Billy Porter, Demi Lovato, Remi Wolf & More

Billy Porter, “Children” 

In the first few seconds of Billy Porter’s new single “Children,” you may get hypnotized into thinking that you’re walking into an R&B ballad. With his silky smooth vocals and  some swelling strings, Porter sounds like he’s about to deliver a soft, moody reflection on the state of the world. And then the beat drops. What follows is a disco-infused, pounding anthem of resilience — practically Porter’s bread and butter at this point — that is designed to be blasted from the speakers of your nearest gay club. So get the party started early, pop “Children” on and throw yourself the dance party that Billy Porter knows you deserve.

Demi Lovato, “Unforgettable (Tommy’s Song)”

Losing anyone too soon can be a harrowing experience — but Demi Lovato is making sure that their late friend Tommy stays with them in their stunning new single. On “Unforgettable (Tommy’s Song),” Lovato croons out their memories of their friend, and of the emotional fall out that ensued from his death. But by the time the grooving tribute’s chorus rolls around, Lovato makes sure that he know just how they felt about him. “You begged me not to forget you/ But how could I?” she wails. “You’re unforgettable.”

Remi Wolf, Juno

Remi Wolf’s debut album Juno is simply everything that you want it to be — chaotic, weird, self-referential, and most importantly, really well done. The rising star invites fans into her prismatic fantasy with songs that speak to everything from controlling people (“wyd”), to self-preservation in the wake of heartbreak (“Street You Live On”), to allowing herself to be the bad guy (“Sexy Villain”). The whole time, she brings a unique, funk-twinged indie-pop sound to each song, making the whole album shine with one cohesive sonic message — that Remi Wolf is having the time of her life.

Netta, “CEO”

Say whatever you want about Eurovision star Netta — as long as you don’t say that she’s not the boss. On her new single “CEO,” the Israeli star makes it very clear that she is the only one who calls the shots in her own life. With a pounding rhythm section accompanied by some hypnotic vocals on her part, Netta delivers her truth loud and clear: “I’m a motherf–kin’ CEO/ I rise higher when they hit me low.”

“I have often found it extremely hard to make decisions by myself, letting other people’s fears, agendas and preferences penetrate my mind, until it’s completely submissive,” Netta says of the song in a statement. “I’m manifesting control back into my life. I wrote ‘CEO’ as a call for everyone to join the tribe, be fearless and fierce, and make your own choices.”

K.Flay, “Nothing Can Kill Us”

When you’re in a new relationship, it can often feel like nothing could possibly go wrong. That’s the feeling that K.Flay is chasing on her brand new single “Nothing Can Kill Us,” an exhilarating alt-pop ode to the bulletproof sentiment of new love. Dripping with flavorful production and cutting songwriting, “Nothing Can Kill Us” transports you right back to that feeling of indomitable passion as K.Flay fondly recalls a memory long bast

“It’s about reflecting back on a relationship and the feeling of invincibility you have while you’re in it — this will last forever!” K.Flay said about the track in a statement. “But also embracing the immortality of your memories, and of someone’s impact on you. A relationship might end or change, and it might hurt a lot, but nothing can destroy what it meant. Nothing can ever kill that.”

Allison Ponthier, “Late Bloomer”

If it’s ever taken you some time to come around to the idea of a new relationship, Allison Ponthier has got you covered with her new song. “Late Bloomer,” the latest single from the rising phenom, sees Ponthier reversing the narrative and embracing confidence as a self-described late bloomer, insisting that just because people are taking notice of her now doesn’t mean she hasn’t been here the whole time. As she confidently croons, “Late to the party/ The party will wait,” the up-and-comer makes it abundantly clear that there’s no need to wait — she has arrived.

Shamir, “Gay Agenda”

For much of his career, Shamir Bailey has been told who and what he is supposed to be. After consciously breaking away from that mindset and creating a career that was all his own, the star is now offering a kiss-off to those who would pigeonhole him with “Gay Agenda,” a simmering indie rock jam about living on your own terms. As a fuzzy bassline and blown-out drums surge through the background, Shamir lets the world know that his loyalties will always lie with himself. “You’re just stuck in the box that was made for me/ And you’re mad I got out and I’m living free,” he chants on the chorus. “Free your mind, come outside/ Pledge allegiance to the gay agenda.”

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