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Every Song Ranked on Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice’: Critic’s Picks

Although Bieber’s latest features high-quality pop throughout, some of its 15 songs stand out immediately. Here is a humble, preliminary opinion on the best songs on Justice.

15. 2 Much

Beginning the album with audio from a Martin Luther King Jr. speech (and previewing the interlude midway through the album), Bieber quickly segues into a muted piano ballad designed to show off his impeccable vocals. “2 Much” is relatively short and has room to spare sonically, but effectively introduces the romantic core of the album that follows.

14. Lonely with Benny Blanco

Adding months-old singles to the end of a track list is standard practice in pop’s streaming era, a way to acknowledge recent-ish hits while not exactly turning them into the centerpieces of a new body of work. Yet ending Justice with “Lonely,” the somber piano ballad alongside Benny Blanco released last year, feels like a strange choice, considering how the rest of the album is relatively triumphant — perhaps suggesting more to come.

13. Holy feat. Chance the Rapper

Released last September, “Holy” has become one of the more enduring radio hits of Bieber’s long career, as well as the most successful mainstream gospel-pop hybrid in recent memory. While Bieber is “running to the altar like a track star,” Chance the Rapper’s wordplay stretches out the song, trading its sincerity for one-liners like “Life is short with a temper, like Joe Pesci.”

12. As I Am feat. Khalid

Somehow, Bieber and Khalid, two of the most dominant pop radio presences of the past five years, had not collaborated before “As I Am” — but the team-up plays out just as fans would have hoped, with each singer digging deep into their feelings on a rhythmic pop showcase. Bieber ultimately takes control of the track with some post-chorus theatrics, but “As I Am” should be the first of several team-ups between the two.

11. Anyone

Searching for an inflection point between the sound of Bieber’s 2020 output and his 2021 music? Look no further than “Anyone,” which kicked off his year (literally, on New Year’s Day) on a brighter, more anthemic note, with a melody that harkened back to bygone pop eras without sounding too derivative of those times.

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