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Deadmau5 Calls His New Virtual World ‘A Window Into My Brain’

The launch is being marked with a Deadmau5 performance inside Oberhasli starting Friday at 6 p.m. ET, with additional performances happening over the weekend. Show “attendees will have access to 13 different virtual worlds, while visitors outside the concert experience can check more Deaadmau5-themed worlds created by Core users, along with games and other interactive experiences. These user generated worlds were recently featured in the video for “When the Summer Dies.”

“Most virtual concerts so far have been like this vapor that dissipated; they had no shelf life to them after their initial buzz,” says Zimmerman. “Oberhasli has an incredible concert experience, but is really a fully immersive mau5 world that’s like a window into my brain that I can evolve over time. It’s not really the metaverse if it’s not going to hang around or have some longevity to it.”

The launch of Oberhasli is the latest move in the music industry’s ongoing fascination with the metaverse, “defined as the three-dimensional virtual reality universe considered the next major step for world-building games like Fortnite and Roblox, which will allow users to do things like watch concerts in a fully immersive environment.”

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