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Beyoncé, Solange, Kacey Musgraves Helping Texans Impacted by Winter Storm Blackouts

According to the Texas Tribune, the Texas power grid was “seconds and minutes” away form a catastrophic failure that could have plunged the state’s residents into the dark for months. The state — which has its own independent power grid — has been hit by massive blackouts over the course of this week after a massive winter storm tripped natural gas, coal and wind power plants offline due to spiking demand. As of Thursday, more than seven million Texans were under boil water advisories in the wake of the storms that caused pipes to freeze, homes to flood and so far are tied to more than two dozen deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning and exposure.

Solange also did her part to help out, offering up an unspecified, but “significant donation” to Mutual Aid Houston. “Sending so much love back homeand im committed to doing more… my heart breaks man thank you for all the endless work u guys are doing on the ground,” the singer wrote in a tweet accompanying a note from Mutual Aid Houston, which read, “We are so grateful to @solangeknowles for her significant donation to our post-freeze housing relief efforts. The Houston love is REAL. #HoustonFreeze.”

Rapper Lil Jay stepped up as well, offering San Antonio residents 300 free meals on Thursday night. “SAN ANTONIO 300 FREE MEALS!!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SWING BY N SAY U WIT LIL JAY!!! WE WILL B HERE TILL WE SELL OUT MEDICAL AREA HURRY STAY SAFE,” he tweeted.

In her inimitable playful style, Golden, Texas, native Kacey Musgraves began selling a T-shirt on Thursday that benefits a number of charities, including the American Red Cross of Central & South Texas, Casa Marianella and Feed the People Dallas. The $29.99 shirt, which reads “Cruzin’ for a Bruzin’,” is a pointed reference to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who received massive blowback this week after he was spotted flying off to a family vacation in Cancun, Mexico, whole more than seven million of his constituents were freezing in the dark without power.

“All proceeds will directly support Texans affected by the storm and also to homeless immigrants seeking shelter and food,” wrote Musgraves in a tweet with an image of the white T-shirt with black letters lambasting the Senator who was a major backer of former president Trump’s border wall with Mexico. Musgraves said she has also donated to those impacted by the storm by offering help via Mutual Aid in North Texas, writing, “My heart is breaking for my home state. I love y’all. Stay strong.”

If you wish to donate to help those in need in the Lone Star state, March For Our Lives Texas has posted a resource guide with links to organizations providing aid on the ground.

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