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Beach Boys Partner With Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group in Intellectual Property Deal

The deal between Iconic and The Beach Boys has been a year in the making, and was the first one Iconic started working on when the company formed, Iconic’s founder/CEO Olivier Chastan tells Billboard. Chastan says that the idea of the collaboration as a partnership, rather than a sale of assets — as has been happening more and more in the publishing space in particular of late — is what helped to bring the group aboard. He floats branding and licensing concepts as possibilities that could come from the partnerships, as well as a biopic, “a proper documentary,” and leveraging technology for virtual exhibits, though he notes that ideas with a legacy like this can be “as big as your dreams.”

“The overall goal is twofold,” Chastan tells Billboard. “One, obviously, preserve and protect the legacy. And two, to grow it. But not grow it just in terms of financials, but really acting as a bridge to new generations. So, how do you perpetuate the legacy? So think of it as protection and perpetuating for new generations.”

“The Beach Boys are an American treasure,” Azoff said in a statement. “I am honored that the Beach Boys have entrusted Iconic to preserve and grow their legacy. And I’m thrilled that the Beach Boys want to stay invested in the growth of the incredible cultural brand they created.”

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