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5 Things We Learned From Tainy’s Billboard Latin Music Week Q&A

What It Was Like Branching Out to Work With Shawn Mendes

Tainy teamed up with Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes earlier this year for “Summer of Love,” which found him stretching past his go-to production genre. “That was a special one, as people know me as a reggaeton producer,” Tainy said, noting he loved “to see how amazing [Mendes] is vocally.” While he relished the chance to pull back from reggaeton, he also said “Summer of Love” gave him the chance to play around with different types of musical energy: “[I would] bring that energy with the drum and the bass, but put in a cool keyboard.”

What He Thinks About Latin Music Right Now

“We are in an incredible moment in Latin music for us,” Tainy says. “You dance to it, the music almost doesn’t have a language anymore. You can dance to the same song in Europe and in Africa that you can in South America, and that’s super cool.”

The Hip-Hop Producers Who Influenced Him

Tainy said he grew up listening to early 2000s reggaeton, of course, but also rap, pop and rock; he noted that the Neptunes and Timbaland, in particular, had a big impact on him as producer.

What Immediately Comes to Tainy’s Mind When You Bring Up Bad Bunny

“Benito, I always feel is a genius for me,” he says of Bad Bunny, whom he’s worked with since Bunny’s 2018 debut X 100pre. “I’ve been blessed to work with many artists… [and] I feel that you can see the growth with him.”

The Difference Between Tainy the Artist and Tainy the Producer

“As a producer, I try to be almost like a chameleon, I try to transform myself into what [the artist] wants to achieve and listen to him and what he wants to convey.”

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