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Man who killed 5 in Capital Gazette shooting gets multiple life sentences

Jarrod Ramos was sentenced to five life sentences without parole, plus one life sentence, plus 345 years, according to Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney spokesperson Tia Lewis.

Ramos walked into the Capital Gazette offices in June 2018 and opened fire, killing five staffers. Two others were injured. A jury on July 15 found that Ramos was criminally responsible for the attack, rejecting his plea of insanity.

The widow, Andrea Chamblee, wrote she felt like she was “surrounded by a river full of gasping, flailing people, destroyed by a gun violence, floundering until we each realized in our own time that the only way up and out was boosting everyone who was kicking and drowning to the top together,” according to the newspaper.

“The real victim impact is that he’s gone when he deserved to be here,” Chamblee’s prepared remarks read. “He deserved to enjoy seeing his recognition, to enjoy this time in his life, and I was so hoping to see it and experience it with him, and pay him back for all the kindnesses that he gave to me. Now I never will.”

Two of the six people who survived the shooting and more than a dozen family members spoke Tuesday morning in court, the Washington Post reported. They included Selene San Felice, a reporter who hid under a desk during the attack.

“There were days I wondered why I lived or if I should live at all,” she said, according to the Post. “I live to spread the truth.”

“We will press on.”

Ramos had pleaded guilty but not criminally responsible

Ramos had pleaded guilty but not criminally responsible in October 2019 to 23 counts, including murder, setting up this year’s trial, at which a jury was asked to determine his mental state at the time of the shooting.
The trial began in late June following delays for a variety of reasons, including Covid-19, the Capital Gazette reported. The jury needed less than two hours to reach its verdict.

Heading into this week’s sentencing, Ramos faced five life sentences without the possibility of parole, plus one additional life sentence for attempted murder as well as lengthy sentences for gun charges.

CNN’s Connor Spielmaker and Michelle Krupa contributed to this report.

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