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Best Action Movies of All Time

Movies are great to watch as they can take the load off your shoulders.  Many people watch movies to have an opportunity of learning something new, for relaxation, to relieve stress, and for entertainment. Aside from watching movies, you can also entertain yourself by playing online casino Australia games to win some real money. However, in this article, we are going to give you some of the best action movies of all time.

Underworld (2003)

The Underworld is a horror-action movie that has a vampire named Selene who hunts down werewolves that killed her family members. She, therefore, finds out that the werewolves are pursuing a human named Michael. Selene manages to capture the human herself to find out what the werewolves are up to.

Salt (2010)

Moreover, this is one of the best action movies that star Angelina Jolie who is called Evelyn Salt in the movie. In this movie, Evelyn Salt is a CIA agent who is accused of being an undercover Russian agent. Therefore, she fights for herself using her skills and years of experience to prove her innocence.

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

In this action movie, Geena Davis plays a role of a teacher who has no memory of her past and some serious fighting skills she cannot explain. Therefore, she hires the private investigator, Samuel L. Jackson to help her discover who she is. They both help each other to uncover a conspiracy they never expected.

Colombiana (2013)

Furthermore, this movie stars Amandla Stenberg and Zoe Saldana. Amandla Stenberg plays the role of a young girl named Cateleya who traumatically watches her family being killed by drug dealers. Therefore, she grows up to be a tough woman who shows no mercy to everyone who killed her parents and like casino France games. Zoe Saldana stars as a grown-up Cateleya who kills everyone involved in killing her parents.

In conclusion, these are some of the best action movies of all time.

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