Yankees, Mets benches clear as Giancarlo Stanton, Francisco Lindor have words after a big home run

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The Sunday night game this week in Major League Baseball was game three of the Subway Series, with the Yankees visiting the Mets in Citi Field and there were some fireworks late. 

Benches cleared Sunday night after Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton homered to tie the game. During his home run trot, he had some words for Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor and things escalated from there. Here’s the homer and the ensuing fallout. 

Some close-up shots here of Stanton and Lindor: 

Stanton appears to be telling Lindor he shouldn’t be talking (trash) and that’s a reference to Lindor’s homer earlier in the game. 

As noted in the above tweet, on Saturday night the Mets believed the Yankees were stealing signs from Taijuan Walker and were whistling from the dugout to help the hitter identify the pitch. The Mets took issue with this and we can see the fallout. 

In the seventh on Sunday, cooler heads prevailed and it was mostly just a bunch of standing around with some grandstanding. Perhaps the most humorous moment was Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner flashing two thumbs down in the direction of Lindor and Javier Bàez . One might recall that a few weeks back Bàez said the thumbs down motion was the Mets’ version of booing their fans who had been booing them and Lindor was also involved. 

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