WATCH: Fan runs on field, pretends to pitch during Mets vs. Giants game


Sometimes fans like to go to a baseball game to have a nice time, enjoying America’s pastime and maybe grabbing some overpriced food and drinks while they’re at it. Some fans go into games with a different plan, wanting to create a little chaos and get attention.

On Monday’s game between the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants, a fan ran onto the field at Oracle Park and created chaos.

The person was dressed in a Padres jersey (wrong game, bud!) and ran around the field, waving at the people in the stands. Then things got even weirder, as the fan went untouched and unbothered by security for a while. He eventually bolted to the mound and pretended to throw out a pitch — even shaking off the imaginary catcher a few times.

Here’s a look at everything that went down, courtesy of CBS Sports’ own Eric Kernish:

Usually when someone makes their way onto a professional playing field, security is right there, escorting the person out and making sure they don’t get much time to run about. That was not the case here, as you can see. People in the stands both looked and sounded confused as to why this person was even able to make it to the mound.

He was eventually tackled after the fake pitch, and taken out of the game by the security team. The Giants went on to defeat the Mets, 7-5.

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