WATCH: Braves’ Ronald Acuña Jr. plays beer pong with fans in stands, nails impressive shot

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Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuña Jr. is pretty good at baseball, but he is also good at beer pong as well. Yes, beer pong. Acuña gave fans quite the ballpark memory this week, playing a new version of beer pong with them in the stands.

Usually fans are trying to play catch with the guys on the field, get a photo of them from up close or even get an autograph, but one fan decided to make a new game with the slugger. 

A Braves fan held out his beer cup as a target and, Acuña being Acuña, the All-Star nailed it. The fan sitting in the bleachers pointing to his cup, encouraging the outfielder to toss a ball his way.

Acuña clearly was on board with the idea and made the perfect throw, allowing the fan to also make the perfect catch.

Take a look at the highlight-worthy play:

The crowd went absolutely wild, reminiscent of a reaction an Acuña homer would get, and of course many fans were able to get the fantastic interaction on camera. Now Acuña just owes this guy another beer, because they are not cheap at ballparks and that one went all over the stands.

Acuña has impressed fans this season with more than just his beer pong tosses. The 23-year-old is batting .442 and has an MLB-leading seven home runs (so far.)

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