Samson: Why the Dodgers are failures for falling short in World Series pursuit

On Monday’s episode of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” the podcast host discussed the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ failure in the NLCS and what their approach was this postseason. Samson explains that teams cannot worry about the next series until they are there and they must just focus on the game ahead of them. The defending champion Dodgers fell to the Atlanta Braves in Game 6 of the NLCS on Saturday night.

“There is no looking forward in October. You need to win that days game,” he said.

He then goes on to express his shock that even with Max Scherzer, the Dodgers were not able to win the division and won one less game than the San Francisco Giants.

Samson said even with postseason appearance, anything less than a World Series win is a failure. 

“There’s winning and then there’s everybody else. It does not matter. The Dodgers are failures this year.”

He continued saying, “It is despondency beyond repair because their egos thought they are going to win the World Series. They are going to be the first team to repeat since the Yankees.”

Describing the team’s outlook on a championship, Samson says, “They were obsessed by it. When you can smell it, all other brain activity ceases. All rational is out the window and you are win today mode.”

Samson concludes saying, “here’s a little newsflash, [Dodgers manager] Dave Roberts did nothing wrong.”

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