Samson: Why a salary floor wouldn’t work in Major League Baseball

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There are very different ends of the salary spectrum right now in Major League Baseball, which has led to speculation that perhaps the MLB should have a salary cap floor for its teams. During Monday’s installment of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” David Samson weighed in on the idea. The former Marlins executive isn’t a fan of having a salary cap floor.

“The answer is no. The difference between then and now is the level of smarts that comes with analytics and the lack of delusion that many teams have today in short supply,” Samson said. “For purposes of clarity, teams know whether or not they’re good. They don’t dream of being good when they know they can’t be good. They make sure that they take advantage of their window when they have a chance to be good. But they don’t trick themselves that they’re being good when they’re not because they don’t want to lose money on a year-to-year basis.”

Samson also mentions that teams have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams weren’t able to spend as much as they normally would as a result of COVID-19.

In addition, Samson points out that teams like the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates have “zero” chance to compete in their respective divisions. Both teams’ rosters are primarily comprised of young players and they’ve traded away the majority of their veteran players in an attempt to rebuild.

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