Samson: What is the responsibility of the front office when it comes to scandals within their team?

On Friday’s episode of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” host David Samson took a question from a listener, who asked if front offices should be held responsible for their hiring process. The question comes following allegations that current Angels pitching coach and former Mets manager Mickey Callaway was sexually harassing women for years. He was suspended following the allegations.

Samson starts by saying, “Front offices have to do more than run a team, they have to tiptoe through the tulips with a side dose of bombs that are on the ground … and they have to do it right, they’ve got to do what’s moral and then they’ve got to meet the media about it.”

He calls the situation a “heavy topic” and says while teams are responsible, that doesn’t necessarily mean the higher-ups must be fired each time.

Samson said:

“The answer is yes, you’re held responsible but you have to understand what that means. It does not mean automatic termination it means you’re responsible to put in the systems to try to be better. We’re not there yet folks. We are so far from there that we can’t even see it.”

Toronto Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins was asked about Callaway, as the two were together while with the Indians. “He had some of the best quotes I’ve seen on this issue,” Samson, who usually is very critical of PR statements, said.

Atkins mentioned the hiring process was not good enough and not thorough enough and apologized to anyone who faces harassment or didn’t feel safe enough to come forward.

“I’m not coming after Ross Atkins and the reason I’m not, I get exactly what he’s saying. The reality of what he’s saying is you are absolutely responsible for creating a situation where people feel safe, except people will never take you up on it because no matter what you do to make them comfortable they’re not gonna feel it,” the podcast host said.

Samson said anyone at the top is held responsible for the people below them, but doesn’t think this means Atkins should lose his job. He was not responsible for the hiring of Mickey Callaway,” Samson said. “May have been part of it, not responsible.”

He says it’s the line you have to walk when you’re the owner or a president of a team. You have to properly allocate responsibility without taking into account the “tsunami that is working against you in the issues of the day.”

Samson says if you are Rogers, owner of the Blue Jays, “you do not do anything to Ross Atkins except you make sure Ross Atkins has the freedom … to create the type of front office that we all want to create, but struggle to create.”

He says to “throw some money at it” so at every level of the organization there is someone who is independently overseeing who is the “live suggestion box” for any issue that is happening in the front office or beyond.

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