Samson: The latest issue with MLB replay and how the league can fix their problems with missed calls

On Sunday night, the Atlanta Braves lost after a controversial call at home plate against the Philadelphia Phillies. The umpires called Alex Bohm safe on a play at the plate, but the replay seemed to show he was out.

David Samson gives his thoughts on MLB replay on Monday’s episode of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” criticizing the league for these types of mistakes.

“Wait a minute, he’s called safe. Can’t be. He’s not safe, he didn’t look safe … we’re gonna replay it. You gotta do a replay,” Samson says, but the review in New York agreed with the call on the field. 

Samson said despite the overwhelming evidence that he was out, the call was made that greatly impacted the game, and these situations will soon need to be addressed by the league.

“When MLB sits down and figures out the next collective bargaining agreement, one of the things that will be discussed is instant replay, how it’s applied, when it’s applied. When they do a deal with the umpires union,” he said.

Samson suggests an extra umpire in each city, while keeping the booth in New York.

“I said it before and I’m gonna say it one final time, it is well worth it just like the NFL, just like the NBA, to have an extra umpire at each city … and replays can be done in every facility,” he said.

From there, Samson says the city-based umpire should have eyes and ears on the game and then discuss the call with the original New York booth after they make a decision.

Samson says the league will have you believe this would call a lot of money, but he disagrees.

“It’s pennies to put in the angle because they all come from the TV trucks anyway,” he said. “There’s no MLB umpire camera.”

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