Samson: Breaking down what Scott Boras said in his Zoom press conference, ‘he’s so full of it’

Sports agent Scott Boras spoke to the media through a 90-minute Zoom press conference, giving his takes on the past season and Major League Baseball in general. David Samson sits down on his podcast “Nothing Personal with David Samson” to address these comments from Boras and give his rebuttal to some claims from the agent.

Samson, former president of the Miami Marlins, says now that he’s not with a team he can make comments regarding agents in a neutral way, that people know if from a place of truth rather than personal gain.

“As president I didn’t have the means to convince anyone that [Boras] wasn’t telling the truth and that everything he was doing was self serving,” he explains. “Now that I’m not running a team, it’s much easier for me to be Switzerland.”

The podcast host had strong words for Boras, saying, “When Scott Borras meets the media you know that we’re gonna have stuff to say because he’s so full of it. It oozes out of him like a sea of garbage through a stagnant river at the end of a dumpster of crap.”

One of Boras’ comments was that MLB teams are not losing money, saying they lost profits but not money.

“This is one of the things that has bothered me the most about Scott over the years, because he doesn’t have the info and I do. I have the facts, I know exactly how much money the Marlins lose,” Samson responds. “I know exactly how much money other teams lose. Not guessing, exact.”

Samson says Boras does not have the information Samson, or anyone else on the inside, has and therefore cannot make these claims.

“30 teams lost actual dollars last year Scott,” Samson says.

The podcast host also questions why some are letting Boras tell you how much to pay a player, and wonders why many let him say other teams are interested in a player when they know it’s not true.

Samson says to Boras, “It is shocking to me that you’re still trying to get rich people to spend their money, other peoples money to the benefit of you and your players so you can get richer. You’ve never once run a team for one day.”


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