MLB playoff picture, standings, postseason odds: Padres, Reds tied for wild card spot; Blue Jays making noise

The 2021 Major League Baseball season is in its final month, and baseball’s playoff picture is starting to take shape. While some teams, like the White Sox and Brewers, appear to have their divisions wrapped up, there are going to be plenty of fascinating races in September. Who will win the Dodgers vs. Giants tussle in the NL West? Will we get a Yankees vs. Red Sox matchup in the AL Wild Card Game? Can the Phillies or Mets make a surprise surge to catch the Braves in the NL East?

We’ll find out the answers to all of those questions before the postseason gets started Oct. 5. But it’s also worth asking, what would the MLB playoff picture look like if the season ended today?

We have the answer to that question, as well as up-to-date standings and playoff odds, below.

If the season ended today

  • NL Wild Card tiebreaker: Padres vs. Reds
  • AL Wild Card Game: Yankees vs. Red Sox
  • NL Wild Card Game: Dodgers vs. tiebreaker winner
  • ALDS: Astros vs. White Sox
  • ALDS: Rays vs. AL Wild Card Game winner
  • NLDS: Brewers vs. Braves
  • NLDS: Giants vs. NL Wild Card Game winner

MLB standings, playoff races

Here’s a look at the current standings. Division and postseason projections are via Sportsline. For expanded standings, click here.

American League

National League

San Francisco 89 50 48.2% 100.0%
Los Angeles 88 51 1.0   51.8% 100.0%
San Diego 73 65 15.5 0.0% 13.6%
Colorado 63 76 26.0 0.0% 0.0%
Arizona – e 45 94 44.0 0.0% 0.0%

MLB division odds

All odds via Caesars Sportsbook. Last updated Sept. 6.

AL East
Rays: -2500
Yankees: +1400
Red Sox: +5000
Blue Jays: +25000

AL West
Astros: -2000
A’s: +1600
Mariners: +2500
Angels: +50000

NL East
Braves: -240
Phillies: +350
Mets: +550

NL West
Dodgers: -190
Giants: +150
Padres: +50000

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