Mets broadcast doesn’t even celebrate walk-off win after blown hit by pitch call on Michael Conforto


Regardless of how you feel about how fairly a broadcast booth should call games featuring a local team — either biased to the point of antagonizing opponents, or a more fair and balanced approach — the baseline expectation is at least a mild celebration when the home team gets a win. But for Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez on the Mets call for SNY, special circumstances briefly turned them to Marlins sympathizers when the Mets defeated them 3-2 on Thursday in their home opener.

Those special circumstances were Michael Conforto’s game-winning hit by pitch that happened in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded. As previously recounted, Marlins pitcher Anthony Bass threw a slider into the strike zone that Conforto leaned into and got hit with. The incorrect call drew the ire of many baseball fans, but perhaps up there with some of the most irritated were the Mets’ broadcasters.

What follows is over two-and-a-half minutes of Cohen, Darling and Hernandez losing their collective minds that the Mets were able to get away with a win in this particular fashion. It starts with disappointment that the call was missed and then grows to exasperated disbelief as the booth comes to terms with the fact that that play was not reviewable.

After the game, home plate umpire Ron Kulpa admitted he blew the call.

It’s inevitable, with the season as long as it is, that team broadcasters sometimes find themselves in a position where they need to dance around a controversial call (or incident) involving the squad they are covering. As the three SNY broadcasters just showed, such beating around the bush and excuse-making is a choice, not a requirement.

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