Didi Gregorius wants 2021 MLB season to be 162 games: ‘We showed last season we can play through a pandemic’

After a delayed start and months of negotiations between the league and the player’s association, a 60-game regular MLB season was agreed upon. For the 2021 campaign, many MLB players are pushing for a full 162-game season next year. With the shortened season came less money for the players, as they agreed to get paid for the number of games they played rather than their full salary. 

Delaying the season again — and in turn playing less regular season games — would mean another year of getting paid less than their full salary. Free agent shortstop Didi Gregorius is one player vocal about wanting to play the full slate of games, saying it is possible to do so. Gregorius spoke with CBS Sports about the upcoming season, giving his reasoning for why a full season can be done.

Here’s what he said on CBS Sports HQ:

“We showed that last season that we can play through the pandemic. You know, we played all those 60 games that we had to play and the reason why we got to play those 60 games was people were taking care of themselves and each other. You know, so helping each other out, wearing masks, social distancing, so I don’t see why it should be shortened again because we proved that we can do that in 60 games. “

Gregorius has a chronic kidney disorder, but is confident he, as well as other players at higher risk because of pre-existing conditions, can remain safe with the precautions in place.

While Gregorius believes a full season is possible, according to reports MLB owners want to delay the start of the 2021 season. They would rather have players receive the COVID-19 vaccine before the season begins. If the owners got their way, that would likely mean the season would begin around May and consist of somewhere in the range of 140 games.


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