This New Curl Collection Uses “Naked Technology,” so I Tried It for a Week

Color Wow’s newest offering is designed to truly transform your curls. Each product is formulated to add shine, moisture, and bounce to naturally curly hair—all things my strands could definitely use more of. What initially intrigued me about this collection is that it contains what the brand deems Naked Technology. I definitely haven’t heard that one before so my ears perked up. This Naked Technology contains a proprietary Profaxil-18 Complex, which initially breaks down the size of oil molecules to penetrate the hair more deeply. To sum up, that means the ingredients will be more effective and will keep your hair healthier over time. I loved this idea right away because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used products that only coat the top of my hair, leaving it drier in the long run. That being said, I decided to give the full Curl Wow collection a spin for washday a few times a week. 

First of all, it’s tough having curls that are dry AF. I have naturally dry, 3c-4a curls that need a lot of hydration. I also just recently went off hormonal birth control, which has wreaked havoc on my strands. I’ve been disappointed in the past by a lot of products marketed toward those with curls because they often end up containing drying sulfates or silicones that leave your hair looking and feeling even worse. And don’t even get me started on products labeled “for all hair types.” Curls need extra love and attention, so I only use products that are specifically formulated for curls now.

That being said, I loved this collection. I’m wary of trying anything new on my hair, but I can definitely say this collection delivered. I started with the brand’s Pre-Shampoo Detangler, which is designed to create more slip and gently separate knots before shampooing. I’m not usually a pre-shampoo kind of gal these days, but I loved the texture of this product and how fast it detangled my super-dry strands. Next, I brushed the pre-shampoo out and used the Hooked Shampoo. It creates a light, foamy lather that’s sulfate-free and didn’t feel too harsh on my dry curls. My hair is also really thick and usually needs a lot of product to be thoroughly cleansed, but that wasn’t the case here. I used a small amount and was able to easily work it through my strands, and it glided right through thanks to the pre-shampoo treatment. Next, I conditioned with Coco-Motion, which is designed to restore elasticity to your curls and to boost hydration for thicker, drier hair types. I loved this one! I rinsed it out, and my curls magically had life again.

To be honest, I’m used to my curls looking flat. When you have dry hair, you learn to just accept your fate. But this collection (pardon my pun) really wowed me. My curls were so much springier and more hydrated after I rinsed it out that I could hardly believe it was my own hair. To finish things off, I used the Vital Natural Serum on wet hair, let it dry, and topped with the Mix & Fix Bundling Spray. I loved the Natural Serum—it’s a fantastic leave-in conditioner that didn’t leave my hair feeling heavy. I didn’t love the spray as much, so I’ll probably be skipping that one in the future, but overall, I’m totally obsessed with this collection and can’t wait to see how it effects my hair health over time.

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