This Is Officially the New “Everyday” Jewelry Look of 2021

Call me a pessimist, but I truly never thought the day would come when delicate gold layering jewelry would meet its match. For years now, simple stacking rings, tamely-layered tiny gold chains, and average-sized hoops have been the go-to jewelry assortment of fashion girls everywhere. Even the recent (ish) introduction of heavier chains felt like a daunting departure from the minimalistic look we were all so accustomed to, so you better believe we were floored once colorful, chunky, loud, statement-making pieces emerged as the new everyday jewelry trend this 2021. 

Brands like Roxanne Assoulin, Éliou, and La Manso really led the pack with their quirky designs and bright colors. Seeing such pieces and other brands follow suit felt natural at first. I figured it was a new bubbling jewelry trend that would rise and fall just like all the rest, but the past year has proven me very wrong. Before I knew it, all I was seeing on Instagram, celebrities, and TikTok was various kitschy variations of this joyous jewelry trend on repeat. It quickly became rare that I would spot an influencer or It-girl solely donning a tiny gold necklace. Instead, her neck, fingers, and ear lobes were doused in neon enamel, pearls aplenty, and any and all jewelry that looked like it had a 50% chance of being made during summer camp. 

This got my journalistic wheels turning. While I certainly have my own say in the matter, I was curious to hear from the people who had a heavy hand in fostering this trend which is why I reached out to both jewelry designers and the fashion directors who stock them to get their take on this new sartorial transition. I wanted to know what they thought of this new “everyday” jewelry aesthetic and not to my surprise, they had a lot to say about it. From the consumer mindset behind the trend to it truly being a reaction to the times, get ready to hear from some of the most beloved names in the industry as they touch on the new go-to jewelry trend of the year. 

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