This Is It: The 14 Most Essential Hair Trends for Fall

If I had a dollar for every time I A) gasped at the rather sad sight of my hair or B) asked myself what on earth I was going to do with my hair, I’d be a very rich woman. Our hair routine—just like our skincare or makeup—is an ever-evolving journey and pinpointing the best products, cuts, styles, colors, and accessories for whatever kind of season we’re in—be it mental or environmental—can be challenging. And, after the past year and a half or so, many of our hair MOs have shifted more significantly than they ever have before. 

Trends are fleeting and in the case of beauty, in particular, the hold and influence trends once wielded in the past have definitely loosened. I mean, it’s your head—do what you want! Now more than ever, we encourage you to shed any intimidation, expectations, and maybe even fear when it comes to approaching new looks.

So while we don’t believe trends should completely dictate your beauty choices, they can definitely offer a helpful dose of inspiration, especially in the strand department, which can be even more fickle than our skincare and makeup aesthetics. To shed some light on what hair trends are really popping this fall, I asked a handful of expert colorists and hairstylists to share some insight. From cut to style to color to accessories, keep scrolling for the most noteworthy hair trends of fall 2021. 

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