The Fall Beauty Starter Pack

Well, it’s official: The air is starting to have a brisk bite to it, the leaves are just beginning to blush, and the sun is setting earlier with each passing day. Summer is grinding to a halt before our eyes. No matter how old we get, fall will always have that back-to-school feeling—it’s a time for new beginnings, a renewed focus, and fresh trends. 

As someone who grew up loving beauty products, I have vivid memories of combing through the pages of my magazine subscriptions to gobble up every fall beauty trend before the season officially started. I used to cut out my favorites and paste them into collages for inspiration, hoping I’d be able to manifest them into existence in my small, suburban Western town. I’d slip eyeliner into my mom’s grocery cart and beg for a trip to Ulta or Sephora before school began.

This year, I’m channeling that starry-eyed teen but flipping the script. I talked to experts in the beauty industry to find out this fall’s biggest, buzziest, collage-worthiest trends before they happen. There’s something fresh and new happening across every category, whether it’s skin, hair, makeup, nails, or fragrance (my favorite). Fall is always a time for fresh starts, but this season, that idea feels particularly poignant. Coming off of a summer with record-breaking heat, sky-high inflation, and an ongoing pandemic, we’ve never needed a clean slate more. 

Without further ado, presenting our fall beauty starter pack. This season, expect reflective skin, showstopping makeup looks, lab-made scents, ’70s vibes, and the return of mattes. I won’t fault you for printing these mood boards and tacking them to your wall—my teenage self would very much encourage it.

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