Most Celeb Beauty Brands Are Overhyped, But Experts Use and Love These Ones

I have a confession to make. Even though I’ve been obsessed with beauty since childhood (at the tender age of 5, I thought it an abomination to spend my weekly allowance on anything other than the selection of body glitters, glow-in-the-dark nail polish, and discs of green eye shadow at Claire’s), and even though it’s practically written in my job description to care, know about, and research every new beauty trend, brand, and product born into the industry, I’ve become completely lackadaisical when it comes to celebrity beauty brands. It’s not that I don’t love celebrities (I do!) or that I’m suffering from new-brand fatigue (I’m not!), it’s just that the recent boom of celeb-fronted skincare, makeup, and haircare lines has, in some cases, left something to be desired, not to mention a touch of suspicion regarding motive and authenticity. (The beauty biz is worth a rough $400 billion, after all!)

That said, I don’t want to be a complete wet blanket here. Even though the influx of celebrity beauty brands these days kind of feels like a game of Whac-a-Mole—as soon as you try one, there are five more in its place—most of them are, quite honestly, pretty good and well worth the plunge if you feel so inclined. But as someone with a discernible eye who tries new products on the daily, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a personal queue of favorites, and after talking to some of the best beauty experts in the industry, I’m definitely not alone. So I thought it’d be fun to share! Below, you’ll find 13 expert- and editor-loved celebrity beauty brands. Bear in mind that if a certain brand didn’t make it on our list, it isn’t to say it’s bad or bogus; it’s just that this story would have an infinite number of slides if we were to include every single celebrity label elbowing for room in the industry right now. Curious to see which celeb brands can be consistently found atop our vanities? Keep scrolling!

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