Liquid Blush Is the Secret to a Natural Glow, and These Are Our 16 Favorites

Finding the right blush presents a bit of a Goldilocks situation. It used to be powder versus cream, but recently, liquid blush has become a major contender. And while “all three formulas are fantastic,” according to celebrity makeup artist Min Min Ma, “liquid blushes last longer on the skin and [leave] a stained glow-from-within look.” Even better, they’re incredibly versatile. Ma says liquid blushes are “especially great for someone on the go who doesn’t want to touch up their makeup throughout the day, during warm and humid weather, and for oily or combination skin.” 

These blush formulas are unique in that they’re also versatile in how you apply them. “You can use it on top of your foundation or underneath, directly onto moisturized skin,” explains Ma, adding, “the latter creates more of a subtle effect.” Depending on the formula, you may only need a teeny bit for maximum results, too. “To apply, simply apply two to three tiny dots on the apples and high bones of your cheeks, and blend it into the skin with your fingertip,” explains the makeup artist.  

Ready to find your just-right blush? Here are 16 formulas to consider for a natural, long-lasting look you’ll absolutely love. 

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