Honestly, I Love It: The New Face Mist That Banished My Redness—Instantly

So how did a face mist–despising human like myself totally reform? Let me explain. First and foremost, I need to talk about the actual feel of the mist and how it weightlessly rains down into—not on top of—the complexion. To me, most mists feel more like a violent spritz, and I can quite literally feel the droplets of liquid just sitting on my face. Then, once everything does sink in, I don’t feel or see much difference. In other words, I’ve always categorized face mists as a complete waste of money, and I always discourage my friends from buying them. This one, however, does the opposite. The mist itself is ultra fine—think a luxurious steam minus the warmth—and the formula instantly cozies into your pores to start working its transformative magic. 

For the most part, my skin has been on pretty good behavior recently, but the transition from summer to fall turned my complexion dry, dehydrated, and comparatively luster-less. Prior to trying the mist, my skin was looking and feeling rougher and less even smooth than normal. Easy to flush, I had been looking perpetually, not just occasionally, pink, and I had a small, albeit stubborn, bout of hormonal acne around my chin and jawline. Nothing crazy, but a little annoying all the same. I can count on one hand the number of beauty products that produce immediate, honest-to-god miracles, and this unassuming emerald-green bottle is one of them. 

Just as Reyes-Bergano had warned, immediately post-spriz, my skin looked less ruddy (if not completely devoid of any and all pinkness), and my complexion did a 180 in the hydration department. Right before my eyes, my skin glistened, glowed, and looked so dewy, smooth, plump, and bouncy I had to do about three double takes. Obviously, as one does, I immediately spritzed my face about three more times and became more and more shocked at the drop-of-a-hat transformation. I mean, just LOOK at the before and after shots of my chin acne! Sorry for yelling, but if I hadn’t taken and submitted the photos myself, I would never believe those results didn’t come courtesy of filters or FaceTune. I swear on my life, zero retouching or light manipulation went into these photos—the results really are that immediate and that drastic. The fact that I’m already halfway through my first bottle proves just how compulsive I’ve become about my application. Honestly, I love it. 

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