A Real Hidden Gem

The luxury goods and fine jewelry market is on fire. Hemmed in at home and tied to Zoom calls for the past year, consumers turned to fine jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and pendants to distinguish and more fully express themselves about the head and shoulders.
But even as we return to offices, attend events, and start to travel, the momentum in fine jewelry — especially pieces in gold — continues.
For Peter Webster, co-founder and president of Roberto Coin, Inc., the reason why is simple: gold is affordable. “There is also a remarkable amount of pent-up demand that is and will continue to drive sales,” Webster said.
Peter Webster, Co-founder and President.
For its part, the luxury brand is showcasing several collections this season. Roberto Coin, which, since being founded in 1977, has created over 1,200 designs, is renowned for its cutting-edge designs, innovative and high-quality manufacturing, and an unmatched level of customer service. Roberto Coin is also known for hiding a single ruby in every piece made.
For Webster, the brand’s high-level of customer service is one of the attributes that sets Roberto Coin apart. “We really do look after our customers; and if they say, ‘jump,’ we say, ‘how high?’” Webster said.

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