A Celeb Stylist Ranks the Biggest Fashion Trends of the 2000s

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What led you to become a celebrity stylist, and who were your first clients? 

I started styling very early in the 2000s. I worked as a shopper and costumer on television shows and movies, and at the time, I was working on a show called The OC. That’s where I met Rachel Bilson, and she became my first client. She needed someone to help her with styling for the red carpet and other events, and she would ask me for advice, so it just happened organically. It was something I didn’t even really know existed as a career, but I fell in love with it. And then Rachel introduced me to Kristen Bell; we hit it off and started working together. Bell became my second client, which legitimized me becoming a stylist; I was still one foot in, one foot out. I was still working in costuming and working in TV and film. But once Kristin became a client, I left what I was doing and started my own styling business from scratch. I had never assisted anybody; I just made it up as I went; it was a fake until I made it kind of thing. 

What was it like being a stylist during the 2000s? Was it any different from the industry now? 

Well, back then, there were a lot fewer designers, so we saw this surge of young designers. There were many up-and-coming people that were being backed by Vogue; like Zac Posen and Baby Phat. It was an exciting time, and everyone was eager to go to each other’s fashion shows, to support each other.  It kind of just felt like a bunch of kids in art school. We all were there to help one another, and everyone kind of grew up together at that time. It didn’t feel formal, like today, it feels formal and business, and driven by marketing. 


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